Hot and humid. Always. Wheather forecasts have no meaning: "A high of thirty degrees and showers over several areas in the afternoon ..." You won't need that sweater, leave it at home! Try to walk or bike and you'll know how a soaked sponge must feel. But that's just right for a weird guy like me.


Certainly the best in the world! And everywhere! And cheap!
Oh how I miss my Roti Prata, and Hokkien Mee, and Nasi Lemak, and Fish Head Curry, and Biriani, and Satay, and Seafood, and Rojak, and Chendol, and, and, and - every time I travel abroad.


The national drink: Milk Tea. With a lot of milk and sugar. Delicious - and addictive! I drink at least one a day.
Also available is the Malay variety Teh Tarik (with froth and a smooth, silky taste) and the Indian Teh Halia (brewed with ginger, perfect for sore throat).
Of course there are also freshly squeezed fruit juices or Tiger beer, but who would want those when you could have Milk Tea?

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